Neelum District

    * Sharda, Kashmir
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Kundal Shahi

The other midway station in Kundal Shahi. Also a small commercial centre. Kundal Shahi headquarter the operational centre of the Azad Kashmir Logging and Saw Mills which is responsible for timber extraction to commercial markets in Pakistan. Kundal Shahi station has a rest house manned by the logging and saw mills at the Western bank of river Neelum adjacent to metalled road. A tourist range bifurcates from Kundal Shahi to Jagra Nullah which is again a mini river running all the year round. Its water is glass-like limpid having good potential for trout fish development. The range is also accessible by a kutcha but well maintained road. The forests are so thick in the range that a trip to the range would be like going through a tunnel. It is tunnel of forest indeed.